I ordered 3 of the 1150 oz-inch motors, a G320 for each drive, 500cpr optical encoders, leads, and a basic C10 breakout board made by CNC4PC. I decided to go with a 72V DC power supply that could handle 20 Amps (1.4 kilo watts!)


The heavy packages arrived three weeks later and I had to go directly to the back room at the post office to pick them up. The lovely lady there refused to pick up my parcels and bring them to the counter!

Parts arrive!!!


My first impression was WOW, this stuff is really heavy duty, no wonder the postage was $150 US.


I carefully unpacked all of the little pieces and checked that they were all there. I eagerly connected one of the encoders to a servo drive, and then a connected my trusty HP 8165A programmable signal source to the servo controller to act as a variable frequency pulse source. I made the servo spin for the first time.


I tried to hold the shaft still with my hand while the motor was driving at low speed, and WOW, I did not have enough strength in my hands to stop it. These are some seriously powerful little motors!

Breakout board

DC Power supply

Servo motor

Servo motor

Servo motor

Gecko 320 servo controllers.