The following is a collection of some photos I took when completing the X axis automation. I started with a mounting plate for the ballnut, then made the motor mounts and fixed it all to the table.

X axis.


I used 12mmx x100mm 6061 aluminium bar to produce the mounting for the ballnut. It was necessary to recess the nut into the plate because the underside of the millís table would hit the block otherwise.


It is critical to align the ballnut perfectly parallel to the ways of the table, otherwise the ballscrew shaft will bend and flex in use and this will really shorten itís life. I spent three hours with a vernier caliper getting the set up as close to parallel as I could. The end result was 0.03mm error end to end.


Next step: re fit the table, connect motors and wiring.

I still needed to figure out how to protect the delicate rotary encoders and servo drives from coolant and swarf. That is another small project in its self.


Below is my first CNC cuts with all three axes going. I am using a very slow feed rate because of the 2mm endmill and no coolant.